Based in Lovingston, Virginia, Red Hill Bed and Breakfast is a romantic location for your vacation, private dinners, weddings, and private events.  The 36-acre manor boasts charm and tranquility on every corner with rolling hills, rich greenery and starry skies.  With their tall mansion and luxurious services, you can have a stress-free vacation or celebration for the ages.

As you arrive at Red Hill Bed and Breakfast you and your guests will be welcomed by breathtaking views of the mountains.  The estate presents a Victorian charm like no other, with old-fashioned architecture, grand pillars and other historic features.  While inside, the building offers modern elements with a gourmet kitchen, contemporary living room, spacious bedrooms, private baths, and more.  You and your guests may also watch the shimmering sunset from the deck.  If you enjoy the views, you can take a trip to the Magnolia tree and the great outdoor theatre room.